We are committed to providing quality products at more than affordable prices with exceptional customer service, with honesty and integrity in all that we say or do. We look forward to serving you as we strive to establish a mutually successful partnership.

Who We Are

DrillGreen Petroleum Products was established to provide private and wholesale label products for the oil and gas industry.

We offer a variety of products and services including, but not limited to; drilling additives, solid chemical products (soap sticks) and toll blending.

Due to global environmental concerns, our products are all designed to be environmentally responsible. At DrillGreen, we are well educated and pride ourselves in supplying superior products, services and solutions for the petroleum industry.

We strive to value each customer, are mindful of environmental issues, practice stewardship, and are known for our honesty and integrity. Our goal is to provide high performance products, exceptional customer service, and an overall reduction of well cost, as well as an increase in profits using cost effective methods and products.

What Makes Us Green?

Drill Green Petroleum Products recycles products from other industries and repurposes them to be used in the drilling industry. These products also pass standardized tests to ensure that they are safe to be handled and do not destroy or damage the environments they are used in. As a result, the operator does not have to pay to have expensive disposal or handling services after the products have been used. These products can often times be reused again for drilling after some rebalancing and cleaning take place.

Drill Green is also committed to the ongoing development to add or replace currently used chemicals with ones that are more environmentally friendly. Innovating new ways to apply chemicals or improve the process of the chemicals used is another way that Drill Green lives up to its name.